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    The YNE3-RX is the latest break through item offered by Yongnuo. It is a receiver unit for the 600ex-rt system. Using this with your older TTL speedlights, such as the YN 568exii, Canon 580exII, Canon 430exII and many others, will allow you to integrate them into the mix using the wireless radio frequency technology that operates the 600ex-rt communication system. Now, those speedlights don't have to sit on the bench, they can get into the game too! This unit links directly with the YN-E3-RT/ST-e3-RT controller and gives you the full functionality of the speedlights with the radio system. 

    Yongnuo YNE3-RX is the world first E-TTL wireless flash receiver for Canon's new RT flash system. 

    It makes E-TTL flashes compatible with RT master flashes like Canon 600EX-RT / Yongnuo YN600EX-RT, and commanders as ST-E3-RT and YN-E3-RT.



    1. Flash Mode: E-TTL, M, MULTI, High-Speed Sync (HSS)
    2. Remote Shutter Release Function, Test Flash
    3. PC Output Interface
    4. USB Firmware Upgrade
    5. Single Contact Triggering
    6. Single Contact Flash Triggering
    7. LCD Display


    1. Distance:    100m
    2. Groups:    5 groups (A/B/C/D/E)
    3. Wireless ID:    0000-9999
    4. Compatible Battery:    AA x 2 ( Supports 1.2V rechargeable batteries )
    5. Channel:  AUTO, Ch.1-15
    6. Frequency:    2405-2475MHz
    7. USB firmware upgrade:    Support
    8. Working time:   24 hours

    Compatible Units:
    1: The compatible transmitter (Master unit)
    Yongnuo YN-E3-RT, YN600EX-RT
    Canon ST-E3-RT, 600EX-RT

    2, Parts of the compatible E-TTL flash list:
    Canon 600EX( RT), 580EXII. 430EX II
    Yongnuo YN568EX II (C), YN565EX (C), YN468 II (C), YN467 II (C), YN465 (C)


    Package Content:

    1 x Yongnuo YNE3-RX E-TTL Wireless Flash Receiver

    1 x 6.35mm PC Cable with 3.5mm adapter

    1 x Manual in English and Chinese

    1 x Warranty card

    1 x Original Box