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    The Yongnuo 660 speedlight is a high guide number (66 meters, iso 100 at 200mm zoom) speedlight that is a universal mount. Meaning, it can be used on any camera that has a standard hot shoe. It has a 2.4ghz radio system built in and is compatible with the 560-tx, rf602/603/605, 560III, 560IV. It is similar in performance to the 560IV. However, it can control up to 6 different groups of flashes from atop the camera. This new speedlight will have an external battery plug and a PC sync socket. It will be able to be both a master or a slave unit. 

    GN - 66

    2.4ghz radio frequency communication built in - compatible with 560-tx, rf602/603/605, 560III, 560IV

    Universal mount (single pin)

    Master capabilities, 6 groups, 16 channels

    Slave capabilities to 560iv or other 660 speedlights

    Manual mode, Multi Mode (stroboscopic)