• Canon 685, 3 light kit


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    This HSS/TTL capable speedlight kit is great for people that want outstanding performance on a budget. The YN 685 has the receiver for the 622c system AND 603/605/560-tx system built into it. This flash can be used as an on camera flash when you just want to pop one on the camera and go or, it can be part of a wireless setup that allows you to have complete control over the output via the 622c/622c-tx or the 560-tx as well. It is HSS capable and TTL capable. It also has multi flash mode. It has a high guide number (60m @ iso 100/200mm). If you already have the 622c or 560-tx setup, you can not go wrong with this. Or, if you want a great setup with 3 lights for off camera use.. you will be hard pressed to find a better system out there...