• Basic 2 Flash OCF Starter Kit - Canon


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    Here we have a basic manual flash starter kit. This is a great setup to get you into the world of Off Camera Flash. This kit includes 2 - 560III speedlights and a 560-tx Controller. The triggers are built into the flashes already and the Controller does exactly that, it allows you complete manual control of the speedlights from the top of your camera. Here is a video on how this setup works together - Using the 560tx with the 560III or 560IV speedlights

    The controller allow you to group your flashes in up to 6 groups to precisely control your lighting, you can always add more speedlights to make this an extremely powerful setup. This is very popular with studio portrait photographers, real estate photographers, product photographers and more. 

    This kit is available for both Nikon or Canon shooters.

    ** Note ** this kit truly is universal as the controller and speedlights can be used on any camera with a standard hot shoe. The controller has pins for either a Canon or Nikon hot shoe but the only thing that the pins do is allow you to wake the flashes up by halfway depressing the shutter button. If you use this kit on another brand of camera system, that is the only function that you will not have.