• Pro LED 600 II 5500k

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    The Yongnuo 600L II is a professional grade LED video light. It features 600 extra large high quality LED lamp beads that will last an average of 50,000 hours of use.   The newer technology in these units pretty much eliminate any flicker issues like you find in older lower quality LED video lights. This light can be powered by the INCLUDED power supply or by using the np-f750 camcorder batteries (not included). These are fan cooled as well, so there is no worry about over heating. A remote control is included. There is an app available so you can control the unit with your phone as well. A CTO and CTB filter is provided as well so that your color temperature is perfect. There is a handle that attaches very easily and a threaded mount so it can attach to a light stand or tripod. If you are just getting into video or you have been doing it for some time, you can not go wrong with this. 


    Light Source: 600 LED beads
    Luminance Angle: 55°
    Color Temperature  5500k
    Color Rendering Index: >95%
    Remote Control Distance: more than 15m
    Power: 36W
    Weight: 1360g
    Lumen: 4800LM
    Average Service Life: 50000H