• 40 inch 'softlighter' style brolly box


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    Product Description

    This high quality reflective umbrella softbox combines the best features of both a umbrella and a softbox. It is as easy to set up as a standard umbrella, and as convenient to use as a softbox. Large opening with elastic and zipper that allows this umbrella softbox to fit onto any strobe or speedlight.

    The underside is Translucent White, the upperside is Black. It offers a lighting alternative to umbrellas and softboxes, with some of the light reflected from the “box” part and through the umbrella, to give you a very soft, even lighting.

    The umbrella softbox is a quick and easy way to produce beautiful diffused light and great for portraits and product shooting.

    Color: White reflective internal face and Black back side
    Material: Nylon, Reflective Material, Aluminum Shaft
    Diameter (Open):  40″ /101cm
    Reflect and spread light stream evenly, ideal for speedlights or strobe lighting.