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    This is for the light wand only..this does not include the battery pack nor does it include the a/c adapter. Those must be purchased separately! 

    Compared to other LED panels the YN360 LED light wand has a few unique features. It combines 40 full-colour RGB lamps, 160 LEDs with a color temperature of 3200K, and 160 LEDs with a temp of 5500K. Either by using the buttons on the handle or with a smartphone app it is possible to change the colour and the intensity of the light. A Sony NP-F type battery is responsible of powering the LEDs that deliver a combined output of 19.2 watts, resulting in an illumination of 2560 lumens. We recommend the Sony NL-F750 battery, which has enough power to power the light stand for two hours in 3200-5500K mode or 4 hours in RGB mode. Alternatively, one can also choose to power the stick with a 8V 5A adapter. 

    Here is the link to download the app to control things from your phone - http://yongnuo.com.cn/app/YN360.apk

    The batteries and battery charger are sold separately. Here are links to the ac adapterbattery and charger

    The YN360 are formed by –

    • 40 full color RGB SMD lamps
    • 160 LED lamp beads with 3200k color temperature
    • 160 LED lamp beads with 5500k color temperature

    In Full Color RGB Mode the YN360’s 40 RGB SMD lamps can provide rich colors of red, green, and blue.

    Colors can then be adjusted remotely through a smart phone APP, either by selecting from a provided color pallet, or adjusting manually to create your own preferred colors.

    Luminance levels can be controlled directly on the YN360’s interface itself, or again remotely through a smartphone APP.

    The YN360 adopts YongNuo’s proprietary LED driving technology, and encoder digital dimming mode, allowing the light to be dimmed accurately and reliably.

    YN360’s are powered by standard Sony NP-F style rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.

    NP-F750 are recommended, and provide –

    • 2 hours at maximum brightness in 3200K-5500K Color Temp Mode
    • 4 hours at maximum brightness in RGB Full Color Mode.

    The YN360 also provide support for a DC power adapter (8 V 5 A).


    A standard 1/4″ 20 threaded mounting hole is provided at the base of the YN360’s handle.

    Color temperature: 3200K, 5500K and RGB full color CRI: greater than or equal to 95 Mobile APP Remote distance: less than 15 m Power: 19.2 watts Lumen: 2560LM Weight: 489 g illumination angle: 55 degrees and 110 degrees Applicable battery: A lithium battery NP-F series External DC power supply: 8 V DC power supply 5 A Size: 583 * 48 * 24 mm (Note: This product only supports phone APP remote control, NOT 2.4GHz wireless remote control) - See more at: