• 14x63 Strip Box w/grid


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    Product Description

    The ultimate strip box.. 14 inches wide, 63 inches tall. This stripbox is double diffused with a removable grid. Who could ask for anything more?! It comes with a Bowens mount speed ring (can be changed out to others). When you need a strip of controlled, soft light.. this is the way to go!



    Easy to disassemble, easy to fold, and easy to carry, ideal for studio or outdoor mobile photography.
    The soft box is black outside and silver inside with even coating, high reflection.

    Brand: Godox
    Color: black, silver, translucent
    Weight: 1.7KG
    Shape: rectangular
    Mount: Bowen’s

    Package including:
    softbox x 1.
    Metal mounting ring x 1
    Metal support pole x 4
    Inner soft cloth x 1
    Front cover x 1