• 100mm F/2 AutoFocus Lens for Nikon Cameras

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    Yongnuo YN100mm F2 Auto Focus Lens AF with Large Aperture For Nikon 


    YONGNUO YN100mm F2N is an aspherical lens for you to get an image with less aberration. It features 6 elements in 4 groups with max. aperture F2 and 9 blades. You can even get the beautiful 12-beam star effect when shrinking the aperture. It is made of optical lens with multilayer coating and contacts planting gold to ensure its smart




    Firmware Upgrade

    YN100mm F2N has USB port.To maintain maximum compatibility and performance, the firmware of the lens can be updated. Please download the latest firmware from the offical YONGNUO website.


    * Perspective Compression Effect

    Focal length (100mm) of the lens is equipvalent to 160mm on APS-C camera. It’s easier to zoom in and brings perspective compression effect.


    * F2 Large Aperture

    F2 bright and large aperture helps to blur out the background and highlight the subject.


    * Two Focus Modes Supported: Auto Focus (AF) and Manual Focus (MF)

    YN100mm F2N supports auto focus and manual focus. You can choose focus mode according to the practical shooting needs.


    9pcs of Aperture Blades

    With 9pcs of Aperture blades, YN100mm F2N helps making rounded defocused spots, or stops down to make effect of 18 stars.


    * Durable Metal Mount

    YN100mm F2N adopts chrome plated and high-precision metal mount, which is consistent with the camera. The mount is wearable, corrosion-resistantand durable.


    * Equipped with Focus Distance Indicator

    YN100mm F2N is equipped with focus distance indicator. It’s convenient for you to judge distances and the depth of field.


    * Various Shooting Modes Supported

    YN100mm F2N supports various shooting modes. The aperture and other information can be found from EXIF.


    * Glass Optical Lens, Multilayer Coating

    All series of products adopt glass optical lens and multilayer coating, which effectively helps to increase the light transmittance and inhibit backlight and glare.


    * Gold-plating Technology

    YN100mm F2N adopts gold-plating metal contacts to effectively increase signal conductivity and corrosion resistance.






    Focal Length 100mm
    Focal Length on APS-C camera 160mm
    Structure 6 elements in 8 groups
    Diaphragm blades 9
    Aperture range F/2-F/19
    Min. Focal Distance About 0.9m
    Filter Diameter 58mm
    Weight About 440g