Several years ago, I was an OEM only photographer. I wouldn't think of using an aftermarket brand speedlight. I had tried a few of the ones out there and was convinced that there was nothing that could compare to the OEM. That was until someone had a Yongnuo speedlight at a group shoot that I attended. I noticed how easy they were to use and the amount of light they put out and thought, hmmm maybe I will give them a try. So, I got my first Yongnuo speedlight. Wow.. I was impressed. For a fraction of the cost of the OEM models, I could have one that had just about the same features and performance. I used several different models of them. I started recommending them to my friends. I started talking about them in different photography groups on Facebook. I was marketing them like I was part of the paid staff at the company! Then, after realizing how much I recommended them and loved them, I thought that I should try to become a distributor. I did what was asked of me and went by the rules etc and went out on a limb to invest in them. I no longer own a single OEM speedlight, I own strictly Yongnuo and I have not had a second thought about it at all. I feel so strongly about the Yongnuo brand that it has become a major part of my business. Teaching people how to use lighting and showing them how affordable it is makes me feel like I can give back to the photography community. Now, I may not be the least expensive out there, in fact, I am slightly higher than Amazon or Ebay sellers. However, I can guarantee you that you will not get the type of support from them that I give my customers. Whether it is troubleshooting at 1 am because something simple was overlooked, or walking someone through how to sync their speedlights over the phone, I am here for my customers. So, if you are venturing into the world of speedlights for the first time or if you are a seasoned professional looking to expand your assortment of lighting gear, is the place for you. I am here to help and guide you to the right items if you need it... simply send me an email and I can help.  Thanks for stopping by!