Often I am asked about items that I do not carry. 

Every day, I am asked about a battery pack for Yongnuo speedlights.. this one has been very popular among my customers Battery Pack

Here is one of my favorite new additions to my setup, this is a fantastic strobe - XPLOR

Another strobe that I really like is the Flashpoint Rovelight, you can find it here - ROVELIGHT

The lightstands that I use and highly recommend are the 13ft Flashpoint Air Cushioned light stands, you can find them here - 13ft Air Cushioned Light Stand

If 13ft is too big, here is the 9 foot version - 9.5 ft AC Light Stand

Another Light Stand I really like for when I am on the go is the Flashpoint autostand - Auto-Stand 9ft

I also LOVE this C-Stand - C-Stand

Many of my customers really like this stand as well.  10.5 foot stand

Those of you that use Alien Bees, this beauty dish is a MUST Have!! Alien Bee dish 28inch

I use this 7 inch reflector with grid at almost every shoot I do. It is a bowens mount as well. 7in Reflector w/grid

I use bowens mounts on my stuff...here is the one I use - 28 inch Bowens mount dish

One of my favorites for in studio use to create amazingly soft light is the Photek Softlighter, here is the one I prefer - 60inch softlighter

I know a lot of people really like the rapid box by wescott, here is a link to it for you as well - Westcott RapidBox 26inch

I use this backdrop at almost every on location shoot that I do. The wescott x-drop.. I really do love this. X-Drop

If there are any other items that you need, that I do not carry, Please visit my friends at Adorama

Thanks for checking out what I use...if you have questions, please let me know...